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powerfulmage asked:

I was reading Perilous Vault's flavor text and it got me thinking about Ugin - Is he actually dead? What about his involvement with the Eldrazi and Nicol Bolas? So many unanswered questions.


Indeed. If Ugin were in fact dead, then one of the most powerful forces that ever stood against the Eldrazi would be no more. Nicol Bolas claims that he faced and destroyed Ugin personally, but Bolas is a liar liar pants most certainly on fire, so who knows. And Sarkhan has heard whispering voices in his head ever since visiting the Eye of Ugin chamber on Zendikar, and wonders whether it might be the voice of Ugin himself, somehow contacting the dragon mage for uncertain purposes. Oh, the oniony layers!

…BUT, haha, I mean, it’s probably not all leading anywhere, though. #smooth

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